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Presented to Your attention is the real estate investment opportunity in land. Surface area of the land in my possession is around 25.000 m2. Land belongs to an old family of domicile landowners. Tradition few century’s long − in Tivat, Bay of Boka Kotorska. Here presented real estates are in full ownership (100%) by Damir Sindik. Land is entirely owned by a private person, but if needed – for investment purposes, I could possibly form other corporative counterparties in future: form a company, etc.

Here mentioned land varies from location, size-surface, building permission, stage in the process of acquiring building permission, etc. − some land plots are already suitable for the start of a project development/building and some plots are in the process of getting related permissions. Accordingly, last mentioned is incorporated into the current price of real estates/land plots.

Tivat InvestmentFrom the aggregate of land surface area, there are four distinguished parts:
1) With the surface area of 1.260 m2, land in process of obtaining a planned urbanity purpose permission for residential role/function. This land complex is made of two urbanistically different parcels with approaching road - connected to the main road. Land parcels can be used completely separately - for development/building, or as one integral parcel. Land plots are located in a comfortable and private area of Tivat municipality, with the view of Tivat bay and island of St. Marko. Land plots have a close view (cca. 400 meters) to newly planed golf courses in Tivat area. Plots are surrounded – and in possession, with old olive and oak trees. Price: 249.000 euro

2) With the surface area of around 4.214 m2, land in process of obtaining a planned urbanity purpose permission for residential role/function. Land plots are located in a comfortable and private area of Tivat municipality, with the view of Tivat bay and island of St. Marko. Land plots have a close view (cca. 500 meters) to newly planed golf courses in Tivat area. Plots are surrounded – and in possession, of old olive trees. As a bonus, part of land complex is near the planed state infrastructure motorway exit – suitable for future business investments of almost all kinds. Possible business opportunities may include cascade luxury residential villas, or a restaurant and hotel/motel/hostel, gas station, etc. Price: 549.000 euro

3) With the surface area of 12.020 m2 land plots – in close reach of plots presented under number 4). Presented land plots are covered in century's old chestnut forest, with great view of the Tivat bay. Price: 599.000 euro

Tivat Investment4) With the surface area of 6.760 m2 there are land plots near Porto Montenegro in Tivat – around 1,3 km away of its center. Here mentioned land plots are located on a first significant height above Porto Montenegro in Tivat − with elevation of cca. 205 m.a.s.l. These plots are characterized with extraordinary beautiful view of the whole Tivat bay and partly can be viewed the open sea, etc. Business opportunity of investment in these plots can be, for example: - building an round top restaurant with access to it by cable car – at the moment a unique object by type and facility in Montenegro and surroundings; - cascade ultimate luxury residential villas; etc. Here mentioned land plots are in process of obtaining a planned urbanity purpose permission for residential-business role/function. I own some land plots in the foothill of number 4) land complex – where a possible cable car station could be located, and it is in part represented as a possible bonus for buying this land complex. Land complex 3) and 4) form a complete/best investment strategy/use. As well, if bought integrally – for investment purpose, additional bonuses in land property are possible in the foothill of before mentioned height.  Price: 689.000 euro if bought together with land complex 3) , or , Price: 989.000 euro if bought separately from land complex 3).

All here presented land plots − including the two last mentioned, have: view to the sea, approaching infrastructure – road, and other infrastructure facilities like: electricity, water, communication lines, etc. All the infrastructure − for here mentioned land plots, is located in a maximum length/reach of a couple dozen meters away. Except for the number 3) and 4) mentioned land complex, where the  maximum reach of infrastructure is cca. 250 meters away − in it's case that's an advantage considering the configuration of intact and exclusive location, there are no objects in close vicinity and none in perimeter of around 250 meters.

Here mentioned land complexes 1), 2), 3) and 4) have the aggregate surface of 24.254 m2. If bought integrally − land complexes 1), 2), 3) and 4), may open the possibility of a significant and fair discount and/or a possibility of additional bonuses in property.

Other real estates − that I own, are represented in: - full ownership of some smaller plots; - partial/shared ownership in centuries old stone houses; - partial/shared ownership in some other land plots; etc. Details for those land plots may possibly be obtained on private personal request − contacting the owner directly. Last mentioned real estates are sold separately from land complexes explained under 1), 2), 3) and 4), although there is a possibility of some agreements.

The benefits of investing in Tivat real estate projects are, mainly, founded in the possible three digits yields/returns – one of the biggest in the world at the moment. Fairly low country risk - Montenegro is a NATO member and EU candidate country. All here mentioned is in the city/country with one of the biggest and fastest developing luxury mega-yachts ports/marinas on Mediterranean. Regarding investment – at the moment, Tivat is the fastest developing city in whole Montenegro.

Tivat InvestmentComplementary to all statements are the facts that already at place in Tivat and Bay of Boka Kotorska are the following world known investors:
- Porto Montenegro (Tivat) – Investment Corporation of Dubai (ICD) with condo luxury apartments and super yachts marina (as well Regent Hotel);
- Orascom (Lustica Development) condo luxury apartments with nearby golf courses and marinas (with view of the open sea/bay, in green environment);
- Azmont (Kumbor) condo luxury apartments and marinas;
- Qatari Diar condo luxury apartments Villas and Hotels;
- many others – relatively smaller, but world class investors as well.

For further maps, documents, location information, pictures of land plots, Your personal tour of here mentioned real estates, possible negotiations, etc. I stay at Your disposal.
Here mentioned land has the following property numbers in Land Office – Tivat Municipality: 1120 K.O Mrčevac and 376 K.O Gornja Lastva.
More detailed data can be found on public internet link − Montenegro State Land Office:

Presented  to You are the real estate/s − land plots, as I own them. My interests and offers are:

1) If You are interested in investing (in here mentioned real estates): You may chose the project most suitable for Your interests (for example: luxury residential villas, hotel/s, restaurants, etc.), then after We agree on the type of future object/building/structure and after We sign contractual and legal obligation's, You are free to invest and build in the agreed project. I get the share in final-built project - corresponding to the amount/market value of my involved real estate/s (land plots);

2) If You are interested in buying: You buy the land from me on a mark to market basis – present and mutually agreed prices (integrally or partially), and then You can develop/build Your project/s in accordance with your preferences.


Note that, only inquiries from named buyers - with financial statement/s, will be taken into account - for talks and potential negotiations.

Damir Sindik

Disclaimer: Presented data/info can be verified in public offices of Montenegro state Land Office. All prices and offers are subject to change depending on owner interests. At any time owner reserves the right to change integrally or partially all here presented. For detailed/precise  information You can contact the owner directly. Some of the pictures are only for illustrative representation of Tivat municipality and city of Tivat. Pictures are only given as a general overview of the city landmarks. Here mentioned and used pictures can not be considered as a precise reference to land/plots, although some of the pictures are taken from the land plots standpoint −for further information and clarification contact the owner. All here  mentioned is presented  in good faith and the owner doesn't take any further responsibility. By visiting and using the information's provided on this web site You confirmed to understand and agree with upper mentioned terms and conditions. All published on this web site is under copyright.

Tivat Investment




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